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FlaSEIA Women in Solar Spotlight - Michelle Francis

FlaSEIA Women in Solar Spotlight - Michelle Francis

FlaSEIA Florida Women in Solar Spotlight - Michelle Francis 

Hi, I'm Michelle Francis, a single mom, former Licensed Massage Therapist for over twelve years, turned renewable energy advocate. Physically burnt out from the demands of my work, I found a transition to the world of renewables through a Craigslist ad for a local Solar installation company. It was the right switch at precisely the right time. I started in Operations [Permitting & Inspections], and moved over to Sales two-and-a-half years ago. It’s been four roles, and almost nine years since. 

At the risk of sounding contrived, I've always had a reverence for Earth & nature. So, I'm passionate about preservation across the board - resource conservation, recycling, decreasing my footprint, leaving no trace - you name it. Despite acknowledging my impact may seem small, I believe that collective efforts can lead to appreciable change.

In a world where municipal recycling falls short, I advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle, promoting conscious consumerism. Purchasing more glass packaging, refillable/reusable containers (think cooking spices, pickle jars), resisting the urge to buy "specialty" items. I know it looks really pretty, but do I actually need a tangine pot? Isn't an avocado slicer a knife? It also helps to not be shy! At restaurants, I will ask for tin foil or wax paper to take home leftovers. How many small plastic sauce containers do you have in your fridge right now? These small actions easily become a way of life.

When making large product, home, health & beauty purchases, I do my research on the policies of the manufacturers & distributors. I don't just look for the taglines (Certified B, Climate Neutral, Fair Trade). But also, their true sustainable practices, policy adherence, advocacy, contributions & community involvement.

My commitment to sustainability extended to the values I raised my son with. When he was was younger, I'd encourage him to join extracurricular & civic gardening & conservation clubs (Tree Huggerz unite!) which he didn't much enjoy at the time. Now I am so pleased to see his talent & affinity for landscape design. Even if he didn't appreciate it then, he gets it now.

My ancestry says I have a wee bit of Scandanavian DNA. Maybe that's why I enjoy plogging so much — especially on the beach. If you're going for a walk with mi, plan for frequent stops! It's all about the hygge.

In essence, my story unveils my deep passion for sustainability, what I stand for, and what makes me tick. On a final note... please Save the Bees

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